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Chris and I created Nearly-newVans.com to enhance your access to the cost “sweet spot” of new and nearly-new vans.

Transport-intensive small businesses represent over 1/3 of Britain's private sector and operate most of the nation's 4 million vans. For these often-vulnerable enterprises, van costs are among their most dear and a poorly chosen vehicle can threaten profitability if not viability.

"Well-informed customers make better decisions and our value-oriented offer compels better decision makers."

Our Offer

  • Vehicles - We secure nearly-new vans from manufacturers, dealers and the rental & leasing sector. We then refurbish these late-model vans to our demanding "retail ready" standard.
  • Side-by-side Comparison - We've secured access to the industry's best terms on brand new vehicles to facilitate your comparison of a nearly-new van with its brand-new alternative.
  • Value-preserving Services - To lock-in the value of your new or nearly-new van, we provide access to a range of value-preserving services including finance, maintenance, extended warranty and others.
  • Useful Customer Information - Our Customer Information Centre includes useful information on vehicles, finance, maintenance and other factors enhancing your ability to optimize your own choice.

Our Process

  • We don't use a traditional sales forecourt. Instead, we distribute from a network of conveniently-located depots. While you're always welcome to visit, test drive or simply "kick the tyres", you'll never have to deal with "pushy" salesmen. Instead, our knowledgeable stockists guarantee that all of our vans are delivered in "retail ready" condition exactly as they've been promoted.
  • We recognise that taking delivery of your nearly-new van can feel risky. However, all of our vans are delivered with a 15-day "no quibble" warranty. Should you feel that the van you receive is not the van we've promoted, we'll make it right or provide a full cash refund.
Vehicle Valuation
Cost Efficient Sweet Spot While market de-valuation slows over time, maintenance and contingencies steadily expand to create a cost "sweet spot" of roughly between 12 and 54 months of age. By choosing a nearly-new van, businesses can exploit the cost sweet spot to reduce operating costs.
  • We source nearly-new vans from manufacturers, dealers and the rental & leasing sector.
  • We then offer finance and other services to “lock-in” the most cost-effective transportation solution.

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